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 Company Profile

 Assured Brake Systems CO., LTD(ASBS) is a manufacturer of brake friction materials for the automotive industry. Established in June 2004 with the total investment of 6 million US dollars, ASBS cooperates with Japan Brake Industrial Co., Ltd i...
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Technical Cooperation
ASBS has been cooperating with Japan Brake Industrial Co., Ltd (JB) in research and technology since the day it was set up. Numerous senior engineers and experts have joi...
Company Honors
The effective implementation of the international advanced management ideas, "the capital of consumption concept," so that the consumer spending by the Company ...
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Tel :
 0086 - 591 - 85192381
0086 - 591 -85192915
NO.13,Hongkuan Road, Hongkuan Industrial Area, Fuqing City, Fujian, CHINA
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